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Global Trade Gateway measures its success by the outcomes we help our clients achieve. We and our Partners work with clients from a number of industries and help them achieve a diverse range of sourcing and trade objectives.

Here are some examples that highlight the type of work we and our Partners do.

Australia's Largest Online Retailer

China Trade Gateway has worked with Australia's largest online retailer for the last 4 years. We began our relationship when it was the largest listed eBay seller and have seen its growth to become the largest online retailer in Australia with a database in excess of 400,000.

During this time we have been one of their Key Indent Sourcing Partners from China and work with them across the entire sourcing process from product recommendations, best practice strategic sourcing, quality control, logistics and after sales analysis. We have worked with them across multiple category groups including Sports & Fitness, Toys & Pets, Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances, Manchester, Auto & Tools and Musical Instruments.

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South African Online Market Place

Our client is a virtual online trading market place that brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to buy and sell virtually anything in an exciting auction format, using the Internet. Our client is Africa's equivalent to E Bay and the largest online marketplace in Africa. China Trade Gateway was engaged to act as its sourcing partner in China in the beginning of 2006. Since that time we have developed their entire import program across multiple categories and cover all facets of the sourcing process, from product selection and development, through to purchasing, Quality Control and finally the logistics of shipping the items to South Africa.

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Brazilian Light Fixtures Distributor & Importer

Our client is a large Brazilian Light Fixtures Distributor and Importer with distribution across Brazil. We were engaged by the client to assist it in managing its current China sourcing program more effectively and also with the view in the near future to replace its European sourced products with China sourced product to make them more competitive. We are currently responsible for sourcing a range of light fixtures from China and managing quality control and logistic of shipping the goods to Brazil.

Click here to see some of the light fixtures we are sourcing.

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Western Canada's Largest Industrial Supplies Distributor - Gregg Distributors Co., Ltd.

The client Western Canada's largest Industrial Supplies Distributor is a long-time joint venture partner with our partner. The partnership imports, warehouses, and provides fulfillment and distribution of industrial supplies to its branch network and to end user customers across Canada. The distributor had been selling hundreds of North American brand name product lines, but was getting undermined by competitors selling quality products with their own private label, at very competitive prices. They wanted to be competitive with a quality brand that would be unique to them in their market. In 2003 our partner created a new brand of professional quality Hand Tools.

The results: Over the next two years, the new Tool brand proved to be extremely popular. This success drove our partner to establish Shanghai-based office, to source industrial supplies directly from the factories, and subsequently developed 12 more product categories under the new brand name: Rigging & Lifting / Material Handling / Fasteners / Fittings / Hose & Lube / Cargo Control / Towing / Automotive & Heavy Truck Accessories / Electrical / Hardware / Safety / Janitorial.

This brand now has over 6500 part numbers of branded, packaged, professional quality industrial supplies. The speed at which these lines were developed and launched into the marketplace was due to the office's proximity to the factories in China, a highly engaged product development team, accountable in-house quality assurance processes, and a clear focus on their customer's needs. The warranty return rate of the products is 85% less than the industry average. Their tools and supplies are used by these companies in the Canadian oil sands and exploration industry: Conoco-Phillips, Suncor Energy, Imperial Oil (Exxon), National Oilwell Varco, Shell, Precision Drilling, Syncrude.

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Canada's Largest Construction Company, and Fifth Largest in USA, with Over
$5 Billion in Construction Volume (2008)

Our Partner has engaged in an agreement to be Canada's largest Construction Company's Exclusive sourcing representative for Building and Architectural Materials from China and S.E. Asia.

One of the first tasks our partner was asked of was to assist the constructor in an urgent plea to try to track an important shipment of ceramic tile for their Vancouver Convention Centre project that they suspected was being delayed. The constructor had purchased the tile from a large North American importer, and the importer had sourced it from abroad, but the constructor was getting limited cooperation or transparency from the importer on where the tile was coming from, or what its delivery status was ["don't worry; we're looking after it; it will arrive on time"]. The constructor could only give our partner the model name of the tile as reference (that's all they knew) in hopes that they could track down the supplier, and find out as much as possible about the order status, so that the constructor could take appropriate back up or alternative action if the shipment was going to be late.

The Results: Within only 24 hours of the constructor's request, our partner had found the manufacturer in China, had discussions at length with them to determine which of the importer's orders were meant for the constructor, identified the order's shipping status and schedule with the freight forwarder, and reported back to the constructor the findings that indeed their order was delayed. In addition to these efforts, our partner took even more proactive measures that day, and looked for "a solution" for the constructor. Our partner negotiated with the Chinese manufacturer, to divert another shipment of the same tile headed elsewhere, over to Vancouver, to arrive on site, on time, for the constructor to maintain their construction schedule.

Our partner was capable of finding out more reliable information about the importer's supply than the importer itself. These results could only have been achieved by being highly responsive, intuitive, and solutions driven, and on the ground in China, representing the constructor's best interests.

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Australian Innovative Music Distribution Company

Our client is a Australian company that has developed an innovative way to download and share music. As part of its release through retail outlets in the Australian market the client wished to distribute its technology through a USB with a unique hang tag displaying the logo of hte band whose music can be download. We were responsible for sourcing both the USB on which the technology and initial music was uploaded and also the factory who produces the injection moulded IMD card hang tag. We are responsible for managing the entire process of manufacturing the products through to shipping them to Melbourne, Australia.

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Australian Floral Ratailer

Our client is a Australian's leading Floral Retailer both offline and online. We were engaged to assist it with its China sourcing requirements as it extended its product line beyond just flowers into gifts. We are responsible for sourcing a diverse range of gifts which include candles, ribbons, teddy bears, hamper boxes, umbrellas, pots etc. We provide a complete end to end soluciton for this client from sourcing the products, undertalking quality control through to shipping the goods and managing hte importation and local delivery.

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Australian First Aid Solutions Developer

Our client is an Australian company who is a developer of innovative first aid solutions for the health industry in Australia and which are used by hospitals, ambulance services and medical centres. Our client wished to explore the cost efficiencies of having the manufacture of one of its products outsourced to China. China Trade Gateway working with one of its partners managed the sourcing of an appropriate manufacturer, development of the plastic injection moulds and production of the samples including packaging. The client has approved the samples and has now placed the first Purchase order which will see manufacture of the product outsourced completely to China during 2009 at a significant cost saving.

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Canadian Confectionary Distributor & Importer

Our client is a large Canadian Confectionary Distributor and Importer who represents leading confectionary and chocolate brands in the Canadian market. We were engaged to assist it in manufacturing Acrylic and AS, food safe, sealable jars that it could co-pack with the confectionary it imported and distributed. We have had a working relationship for 2 years during which time we have extended the range of jars developed and manufactured in China whilst managing the entire supply chain with regard the jars including plastic injection mould development, quality control, food safety certification and finally shipping of the goods to Canada.

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Large US Refrigerator Company

The client a: Large US Refrigerator company engaged our partner to source factories capable of producing UL level refrigerators that meet the high standards required by the US. Our partner conducted factory searches, interviews and audits and selected 3 factories for the client and negotiated competitive pricing for each of the requested models.

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US Marine Products Manufacturer

Our Partner's client a Leading US Marine Industry Product Manufacturer engaged our Partner to assist them in finding and qualifying capable suppliers in China for a seating system they had developed and to provide ongoing support in monitoring tooling and sample builds and ensuring high quality high volume production.

The seating system was an assembly of components made of die-casting, aluminum extrusion and anodizing, metal stamping, tube building, steel and aluminum welding, plastic and rubber injection, other metal fabrication (precision machining, cutting, swedging), metal surface treatment including blasting, satin finish and powder coating and final assembly. The search was conducted for factories with some or most of these capabilities. The supplier search identified 3 companies from whom quotes were obtained and pricing negotiated. Subsequent factory visits and additional pricing information resulted in the selection of a supplier with whom a production agreement was entered. Our partner has provided oversight on the tooling build, sampling and ongoing production.

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US Gasoline Engine Manufacturer

The client a high quality small gasoline engine manufacture in the US was looking to reduce costs by moving its production and sourcing to China while still maintaining a high level of quality that would meet the US standards for their industry.

Their engine models (3 models in total) consisted of approximately 70 parts per engine with the parts covering the fields of die casting, metal stamping, plastic injection, blow molding, rubber tube making, gasket and metal fabrication. Over a 9 month period, our partner found over 500 potential suppliers, qualified 250 of them, and provided competitive pricing from 90% of those who met the overall price objectives of the client.

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US Automotive Product Manufacturer

The client an Automotive Industry Product Manufacturer in the US engaged our partner to locate, qualify/audit and negotiate pricing/terms with potential suppliers capable of making precision aluminum casting with machining as a secondary capability. The client's objectives were to find a quality supplier whilst achieving significant cost savings.

The project was conducted in 3 phases: In phase one the client was provided with a list of contacted suppliers located via phone calls and internet and with a recommendation for preliminary suppliers whom appeared most suitable for further investigation. The second phase of the process was conducted with factory visits and on-site audits of the suppliers working environment and manufacturing capabilities. This phase was concluded with the presentation of a detailed supplier matrix, report and recommendations on which suppliers would be best to pursue price submissions with. The third phase was concluded with the presentation of pricing from the selected suppliers.

The project was undertaken over 3 months, with our partner finding 15 potential suppliers, qualifying 7 of them, and providing competitive pricing from 3 of these.

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US High End Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer

The client manufactures high end commercial vacuum cleaners in the United States and was looking for a company to provide long term sourcing services, manufacturing/ engineering support services and ongoing QA/QC services,

Our partner was engaged to assist and due to standards specific to the industry, decided the best approach would be to handle component sourcing themselves and to have the assembly done at a factory already making vacuum cleaners. During the initial stages of the component sourcing they assisted in adapting the product drawings to the China environment by working closely with the client and local suppliers.

After the successful sourcing of components our partner has provided ongoing manufacturing support and QA/QC services. In addition they provide preproduction audits of in-coming components or IQC (in-coming quality control) and monitor the assembler's process and provide IPQC (in-process quality control) and OQC (out-going quality control). On the manufacturing support side they work with the supplier, US head office and local China team to update drawings as needed during the products manufacturing lifecycle.

Our partner has worked with the client for over 4 years assisting it to maintain a US level of quality for products now manufactured in China.

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US Automotive Industry Supplier of Metal Fabrication and Assembly for Truck Seats

The client engaged our partner to locate and qualify TS certified factories capable of metal fabrication, secondary processes, powder coating and assembly. The product required to be manufactured by the client was a highly engineered and complex assembly that required a supplier not only with automotive experience but also the capabilities (QA/QC procedures) to produce the assembly consistently.

Our partner located three suppliers capable of producing the product to meet the client's standards and assisted in negotiating competitive prices for all three.

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