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Brazil is the largest market in Latin America and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With a growing consumer class and traditional export markets showing no growth there has never been a better time to look to promote your products in Brazil.

Global Trade Gateway drawing on its background in International Trade as well as vast local business development experience around Brazil Global Trade Gateway provides market representation services to foreign companies looking to enter the Brazil marketplace and sell their products. We help our clients understand the idiosyncrasies of the market and use our local knowledge and contacts to help them more effectively identify the best distribution channels and possible buyers as well as providing trade services to help them more effectively export to Brazil.

Export to Brazil Website

Global Trade Gateway has also developed the Export to Brazil website to more effectively communicate with International Suppliers looking to market their companies and products to Brazilian buyerswww.export-to-brazil.com. The Export to?Brazil website:

  • Will be the online destination for ?International suppliers looking to access the Brazilian market.
  • Provide international suppliers with the information and resources they need to understand the Brazilian market.
  • Have the Trade services and sales & marketing tools to help them more successfully do business in?Brazil.

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