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Global Trade Gateway's Global Sourcing service enables our clients to remove the cost, complexity and risk from sourcing products or components internationally.

Our Global Sourcing service is based on the assumption that the client will sign a purchase contract with Global Trade Global Trade Gateway: Our Product Sourcing Services sees us working with our Partners to perform the following steps in meeting our clients global sourcing needs:

Supplier & Product Search and Evaluation We will work closely with you to find the appropriate factory and products you are interested in. Our services include:
  • Supplier Identification – we will create a master list of potential suppliers.
  • Supplier Evaluations – initial due diligence and supplier assessment to confirm their ability to supply according to your specifications.
  • Supplier Site Visits & Audits – Facilities inspection and capability validation.
  • Product evaluations – Production Sample evaluation according to your specifications.
  • Product Certification & Evaluation – management of the product certification process and checking the validity and currency of existing certification.

Supplier Negotiation & Contracting We negotiate directly with factories to ensure the best prices and quality of goods is achieved. Our services include:
  • Supplier negotiation – negotiation of quality, specifications, packaging, pricing, purchasing terms, lead times and logistics.
  • Supplier Contracting – we submit a purchase order or enter into a supply contract with the supplier or factory.

Supplier & Order Management We provide ongoing management of the relationship with a supplier to ensure that your expectations are always met. Our services include:
  • Order management - ensuring products are delivered on time, at the agreed price and to the agreed specifications of the Purchase Order.
  • Management of Quality Control & Compliance – ensuring products are free from defects and comply with the required and specified standards.
  • Management of logistics and transport from China to your port of choice – working with our selected freight forwarder or yours to ensure smooth delivery of the goods to the port of choice and supply of all requisite documents for custom clearance.
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